World-class cocoa, rooted in Africa–and traceable.

Visibility Brings Value

We are careful to curate a culture of credibility and quality in all we do. To achieve this, we employ industry experts, establish direct relationships with sources and farmers, and use blockchain technology through Petrichor to assist our traceability efforts.  Bottom line: we know that the quality of business we do is only as good as the transparency we are able to establish among all relationships within the cocoa supply chain.


Our use of Petrichor’s technology delivers full supply chain visibility from farm to manufacturing and processing. It creates an easier, more seamless experience for customers and suppliers.


Our online dashboard provides distributors and manufacturers with real-time updates about supplier activities, allowing them to better serve their customers, reduce inventory carry, and deliver on quality improvement initiatives.


No more opaque sourcing and trading. Through Petrichor technology, we are able to make more accurate, predictable, and effective decisions around commodity trading and risk management. All from a digital platform.

Partnering with Petrichor ensures transparency and traceability from farm to final product. Based in Chicago, Petrichor develops and implements a system for supply-chain tracing. This partnership also strengthens our sustainability efforts, ensuring the highest quality, best flavor, and consistent growing supply of cocoa beans.

We want the production of chocolate to remain vitally connected to the livelihoods of local growers and communities that cultivate cocoa for the entire world.

Global Impact