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Offering traceable, world-class quality cocoa at prices that are fair to growers and consumers alike promises good to our global cocoa community. Nurturing ethical business practice in each step of the cocoa supply chain means a better future for all.


Top standard natural and nib-alkalized powders currently available from Cameroon and available from Ivory Coast in 2023.

AC3 Light Alkalized Powder (AAP65)
AC3 Medium Alkalized Powder (AAP75)
AC3 Atlantic Natural Powder (ANP10)
AC3 Medium Alkalized Powder (AAP70)

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Natural and deodorized butters available from Cameroon.  Also, available from Ivory Coast in 2023.

AC3 Atlantic Butter (ABA20)
AC3 Atlantic Natural Butter (ANB10)

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Cocoa liquor, also known as mass, is produced from cocoa beans that have been cracked and winnowed to remove the shell, then roasted, ground, and well-tempered.

AC3 Atlantic Natural Mass:

  • Low Roasted (ANM10)
  • Medium Roasted (ANM20)
  • Medium Roasted (ANM22)
  • High Roasted (ANM30)

Transcao Natural Cocoa Mass:

  • Low Roast (TNM1100)
  • Medium Roast (TNM1200)
  • High Roast (TNM1300)
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Natural and nib alkalized cakes now available.  Please reach out for spec information.

AC3 Atlantic Natural Cake (ANC10)

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Our cocoa products are grown and processed in Africa through trusted partnerships.

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Our Partners

(Ivory Coast)

With a highly experienced team and the backing of the Ivorian Conseil du Café-Cacao (CCC), Transcao is pioneering the next era of origin processing in the Ivory Coast. Transcao has an existing processing facility in San Pedro with capacity for 30,000 MT of bean grind, with additional facilities under construction in San Pedro and Abidjan.

Atlantic Cocoa Corp Cameroon (AC3)

ACC operates a newly-commissioned, (2020) state-of-the art facility in Kribi with 48,000 MT bean grind.


Based in Chicago, Petrichor develops and implements a system for supply-chain tracing. Partnering with Petrichor ensures transparency and traceability from farm to final product. This partnership also strengthens our sustainability efforts, ensuring the highest quality, best flavor, and consistent growing supply of cocoa beans.